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Hi and welcome to Paul’s Podium! This is my corner of the internet, and I’m happy you found it.

In 2013, I started working on “Fours Hockey” as one of the founding members of the International Fours Hockey Association (IFHA). Our challenge was to improve upon the standard 3-on-3 hockey format. If you are familiar with Fours, then you know we succeeded! This journey has helped me find my niche. I absolutely love watching, analyzing, playing and coaching 3-on-3 hockey!

Welcome to Paul’s Podium


There is so much to the 3-on-3 game in all its various formats. I’ll warn you, I am biased. If Fours wasn’t my favourite, then we would have modified it until it was. In fact, that’s what we did. However, other formats are played, and I find them all interesting for their unique characteristics and for the action and the entertainment they provide.

Here I’m sharing my analysis, conclusions and thoughts related to 3-on-3 hockey. I want this to be an engaging place for everyone to share their opinions on any of the relevant subjects. Please like, share, tweet, subscribe, follow, endorse and take any other social media action that you like.

I look forward to connecting with you, and I hope you enjoy your experience here!


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