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“Fours Hockey” is a 3 on 3 ice hockey derivative designed for tournament play. We call it “Fours Hockey” because, goalies are players too! 

”Fours” is designed to be a fast paced, quick strike game, exciting for players and spectators alike. This format of play encourages players to display the revered skills of ice hockey, including fast & powerful skating, quick stick handling, accurate passing, sniper-like shooting and of course goaltending!

In short, “Fours” offers an action-packed version of ice hockey, with more room to create more scoring opportunities, more goals, and more saves; the most exciting parts of ice hockey are condensed, creating an adrenaline rush of excitement every time the puck is dropped.

Fours Hockey “ELITE” tournaments are held primarily for competitive purposes. However the Fours game itself is adaptable and can be utilized to achieve many other objectives such as non-competitive fun tournaments, fundraising and athlete development (conditioning, angles, playing at speed).

Fours Hockey is governed by the International Fours Hockey Association (IFHA), a board of governors responsible for the global administration of “Fours Hockey” and brand variations including “Hockey Fours”, “4s Hockey”, “Hockey 4s”, “Fours” and “4s”. The board presides over all decisions pertaining to the brand including but not limited to rule changes, marketing, logo and brand use, tournament organization and implementation.

You can contact the board via the Contact Us page.